What's the best way to make my long straight hair look like the hairstyles in these pictures for my wedding?

CURLING STRAIGHT HAIR AND IT HOLDING THE CURL FOR SEVERAL HOURS? My wedding is in July and I want to wear my hair half-up/ half-down and really wavy like the pics. My main question is how do I make my hair curl the best and HOLD the curl for several hours?

Also, my elbow-length veil will start at the top of the back of my head and will not cover my face.
What do I need to use to pull my hair half-up that won’t be too much in the way of the comb on my veil (or whatever it’s called that holds the veil on)?

Here’s the pics:



How can I get this hairstyle (pic inside)?

It’s Lauren Conrad’s hairstyle(right) and Audrina’s but mostly Lauren’s look. I like the very poofy top and i’ve tried backcombing but it doesn’t. I have straight hair. Does anyone know how to get this look?

How to style wavy hair so that it looks soft and natural?

I have straight hair and I recently permed it. I usually style it by wetting my hair, putting anti-frizz and mousse, scrunch, and hairspray. But it usually has that wet look throughout the whole day. I was just wondering how I can make it so it looks softer and natural without that wet look so that it looks something like this.


Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

What's a good hairstyle for high cheekbones?

As much as most people like them, I do not! They are too prominent for my oval face and I don’t like them one bit. What type of hairstyle is best in hiding them or diminishing their appearance?

I don’t have a photo, sorry :-\
(I’m female, btw. And have shoulder length, pin straight hair that’s layered)

What hairstyle would fit a 16 year?

I love the layered style, the shaggy too. Medium mostly. I could really use some photos, sites, anything. I have a giant party coming up and I have to look great… (photos of you would be great too!)
I’m a guy and I have straight hair. I don’t really like the crew look.Too short for me. I wanted too see what other people think about the best medium hairstyle.

Cute hair cuts for thin, fine hair?

I have very thin, very fine, stick straight hair. It has been long for quite a while, but I am just so sick of how stringy and limp it looks. I know there are products I can use to make it look fuller, but is there any certain CUT that could help make it look more voluminous? Do layers help or hurt? Does anyone have any pictures of celebrities who have cute, thin hair?

How to do this hairstyle?

it looks so pretty but how do you do it? i have really thin straight hair.

What would be a nice up do hair style for a summer wedding?

I am going to my cousins wedding this summer. It’s going to be in Denver, Colorado, and I think it’ll be best to do something up. I want to do my own hair and not spend money going to get my hair done. Some other things that may be helpful is

im 13
I have straight hair
I have darkbrown/black hair

Is it possible to have this style if I have stick-straight hair?

I have really stick straight hair that gets a little wavy when wet. Right now it is just past my collarbone. Is it possible to get this style, and shape it with a blowdryer maybe so that it will curve toward my face, like in this pic? ( this style is called a bob by the way).

hey Papi,

yeah, I actually meant that I wanted to have it cut to the length that is in the picture. my bad, i shoulda been clear about that.

What face shape would this hairstyle suit.. and how would it be maintained?

I have a sort of cross between a diamond/round face shape. It’s not oval. Would this cut look good/okay on me?


Also I’m wondering how you would maintain this kind of cut. I have pretty straight hair, but it’s thick and it takes shape easily. Would I need mousse? A perm? Would the layers make it flip out like that itself?

which hairstyle do you prefer [with photos]?

just wondering which you liked better

straight hair:
1. https://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk52/Mali_xo/?action=view&current=l_4fda5fc42e5f8f527170dcd642d8e5dc.jpg

2. https://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk52/Mali_xo/?action=view&current=l_21ddfad3443476ccc9c3b7befe0d8da3.jpg

or is it better curly?
3. https://s277.photobucket.com/albums/kk52/Mali_xo/?action=view&current=P310508_160401-1.jpg


I’m sorry they are’nt very good pictures,
but please no comments saying that I am ugly
because I already know I am
thankyou xoxoxox
its naturally curly like it is in pic 3
but when i brush it a bit
and put it in a pony
it goes kinda bushy
like number 4

What hairstyle should i do for my grade 8 graduation photo?

I don’t really want straight hair because it makes me look really boring and dull. I like curly hair but not frizzy. I have a oval face and i am medium tan skin. I am also somalian. I like the top of vmy hair straight but the bottom curls but i don’t think it will look nice with me. I have medium length hair ( a bit longer then my shoulder) and its dark brown. I don’t want to cut it extremely.
Can you please get a site that shows the perfect hairstyle for me!!

I need some prom hair ideas?

I want to do something different with my hair this year for prom. Every year I have tons of spiral curls and this year i want something different. I have long dark hair. My boyfriend (my date fo prom) really wants me to not have curly hair but my hair is straight everyday so I don’t want the same plain hair that I have every other day. So if there are other ways to have straight hair but make it beautiful that would be awesome. Thanks for your help if you can find any prom ideas at all.

Actresses With Shoulder Length Trendy Hair Cuts?

I want to get my hair cut. I have dark, straight hair. I need pictures of haircut ideas, so I decided to look at celebrities since there’s a lot of pictures available.

Do you guys know any celebrities with a slightly longer than shoulder length, trendy hair cut? Or do you guys have pictures of one?

How shall I have my prom hair?

I have long brown hair.. (if you read my previous question.. it might be back dark blonde by prom) but anyway.. I don’t know what to do about my hair for my prom..
SO many girls are going tohave it curled..

Any ideas for straight hair?
(oh btw, I only have 2/3hours to get ready)
*Dress – long, strapless, cherry colour, with alot of detail on the top

How to go about getting a certain hair style?

I wear glasses, have a round face, with long(probably mid-back length) straight hair(when it’s dry. when it’s wet there’s some wave to it) thats rather thick. I want a Meg Ryan type style, (similar to this: https://hairstyles.hairboutique.com/gallery/MegRyan003in2003_600h.jpg) short and wavy. I’ve had perms before, and I’ve had short hair before. Which order should I go in – hair cut first, then perm, or perm first, then style? I don’t want bangs, but otherwise I’m pretty open. Any ideas? And what kind of perm do I ask for so I don’t end up with a ‘fro?
Here’s a link to another picture:
photo id is 16078
photo id 8434 (that’s the first one I posted)

Do you have any websites for wedding hair styles?

I have long, thick, flat, straight, straight, straight hair. I usually wear it in a wrap bun on the back of my head. So, now I am getting married in March and I want to wear it down but I get really hot with it on my neck. I have been to clariol.com but nothing fit my needs. My hair is a great color of auburn, so I don’t have to be fancy, especially with it down. Any helpful and creative suggestions are welcome!

Wedding hair?

I’m trying to think of a bridal hairstyle for my wedding. I’ve been looking on the internet, and most of what I find are "updos". I have long, mid-back length, dark blonde, straight hair. I want to leave most of it down, as this is how I always wear it, and I don’t think my facial features work with my hair pulled back. I am wearing a tiara, and a veil that hits JUST below my hair. Does anyone have any elegant looking ideas?

Wedding hair style pictures for wavy hair?

I am the Matron of honour for my friends wedding in July, and she is trying to get some ideas of hairstyles to show the stylist. I’ve been trying to look for pictures as well, but most of the pictures are of straight hair.

Her hair is natural blonde, wavy and the length is about to her shoulders. Someone suggested a french plait, and she wants at least half of the hair up, but not too fancy.

Please tell me links for pictures of nice hair updos that would suit her.