What is the best haircut/hairstyle for me ?

I’m about to get my hair cut and want to change my hairstyle. But, I’m confuse deciding the best hairstyle for me. Can anyone help me please ?

Here is my photo link.

Please give me suggestion. And if you can, please give me a picture of someone who has the same hairstyle with your hairstyle suggestion.

How should I do my hair for my wedding?

Here is my problem: I have thick, straight, smooth, butt length hair with a few long layers. My hair is really difficult to curl, because it doesn’t hold hardly at all. I’m at a total loss for what to do. I don’t want a huge thick bun or something. Pictures would be appreciated.
I definitely can’t do anything like a perm. I would hate myself forever. It took 6 years to grow my hair out! But thanks for the suggestion.

Where can I find photos of wedding day hairstyles (with veils ON)?

I can’t seem to find any bridal hairstyle pictures anywhere with the models wearing a wedding veil. I’d like to get an updo for my wedding, but would like to see what the different styles look like with the veil on. Anybody have a link to a great site or a suggestion for where else to look?