What would be a good hairstyle for me?

What would be a good hairstyle for me?
I’m really bored with my hair, and I am in desperate need of a haircut. I have almost no idea what I want, however, so I am open to all suggestions. Here are a few (bad) pictures of me:

https://www.flickr .com/photos/65393191@N06/
(Take away the space between the link)

Pictures of suggested hairstyles would be really helpful!
Also, if I dye my hair, what color should I dye it?

Thanks in advance!

What hairstyle could I pull off?

Hey guys,
I have a long, narrow face, extremely sharp chin that juts out at certain angles.
Could you guys recommend suitable hairstyles, preferably with accompanying photos and descriptions? I’d love a hairstyle with bangs (side-swept). Thanks in advance! 🙂

(By the way, I have a rather long neck.) -.-

How to do this hairstyle (guy)?

I’m a 16 yr old male and i’m trying to do this hairstyle but i doesn’t come out right. I have medium length hair but i can’t get it to look like the guy has it.


I have hair gel and hairspray in case I need to use that. Thanks in advance guys!

School photo hairstyle?

Ok, tomorow in school, I have to have my photo taken for the school notice board, and my picture will be there for a year along with one or two other people. Everybody looks at that board, and walks past it.
I dont know how to do my hair, I usally have it up in a scruffy ponytail everyday, but I dont want it like that for my photo, I want a simple hairstyle, prefferably up, but depends what you guys think.
10 points for the easiest/nicest style

Thanks in advance.
I have thick brown hair that goes a bit past my shoulder

Demi Moore hairstyle at the premiere of gi jane?

anywhere we can find photos would be great.
my daughter saw a clip on tv of the premiere of gi jane with demi moore and lover her short hair cut and wants to take a picture of it to her styliest…i have searched the web for such a picture and cannot find one. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance

How do i get my hair done like this?

what kind of hair style is this, like what to say when I go to salon.
Thanks in advance

Which hairstyle looks best for me? photo link included?

My current hairstyle
a bit wavier than that, though.

i want my hair to look like one of these:
1. https://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn253/Darin_1001/233.jpg
2. https://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn253/Darin_1001/IMG_100.jpg
3. https://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn253/Darin_1001/2j0fknn.jpg
5. https://i306.photobucket.com/albums/nn253/Darin_1001/2pqkio7.jpg

Which one fits me best? thanks in advance

Can you find me a higher quality picture with this hairstyle?

My friend found this picture on Facebook and suggested it to me as a haircut.


I’d like a higher quality image of the same hairstyle to bring into the salon. Thanks in advance!

Having trouble finding a photo of a hairstyle I want. Please help?

Alright, I have naturally curly hair, about mid-length, long layers. I’m wanting to try the side swept bangs, but I can’t find a good photo of it. My hair appointment is for Thursday, Chuck is pretty trendy, but pictures are always nice to have.
Any pictures you can find are greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
Yes! Thank you sssoooo much. I didn’t even think of google. Yahoo image search image kind of sucks. Thank you again!

do you think i would suit this hairstyle? photos :) best, most honest, answer five stars?

me: https://www.flickr.com/photos/28409398@N04/4187811836/


im really bored with my haircut right now and i want to change it (the style not the colour). I really want bangs and like this haircut but im not sure if i would suit it; what do you think?
please be honest and if you have any other suggestions then please feel free to say 🙂

thanks in advance.

An emo/punk hairstyle for school photos??

Hey i need a punk/emo style for school photos. i want to look like i dont belong in the school and that im not a clean, preppy kinda person. (im not against preps nor am i emo)
i have shoulder length layered hair and a long face.
any pictures will be appreaciated
thanks in advance 🙂

What hairstyle should I get? (photos included)?

Okay, I recently relaxed my hair, it says that I shouldn’t put a bangs because it will become shaggy, till I should wait weeks to do that. So I’m going to cut my hair tomorrow and I don’t know what hairstyle should I get, I mean I WANT BANGS, but what kind of bangs should I get? any suggestions would be good. Thanks in advance!

Here’s my Photo:

P.S. my hair is styled layered and I have a long bangs that covers my eyes, and it irritates me.

don’t laugh at my pic, I already know I’m ugly. 🙁
and no I’m not emo, i’m having the cat style, because it’s my cousins b-day

What is a good prom hair style for me.?

My prom is less than 2 months away (I know it’s a long time but I have to know otherwise time will fly by and yeah… lol) and I have short hair not toooo short but it’s half way down my neck let’s just say that. And I was wondering what type of hair style would look good.
It’s straight and curly.
I have long bangs
and the type of Hair style I want is like the one in my pick. Do you think it would look good?

Thanks a bunch I’m trying to look around and all of these picks I find are boring. so thanks in advance!
My dress is long and pink.