What kind of hairstyle should long-faced people have?

I’ve got a long face, and I wanted a bob, but I’m afraid it’ll look bad on me, make my face look longer. I mean like this type of bob:
or maybe this one:

I’m kind of tired of my long hair; I mean, it’s all right, but I just want a change. Any suggestions? Also, I’ve got thick hair, so I’m afraid it’ll be too poofy.
Reading thatdinokidxx’s comment, I can see how those might not be so good…might these be better?



Im 17 and have naturally fine hair. What is the best hairstyle for me?

my hair is medium length now and im wondering if i should buzz it like always or maybe choose a new hair style. Im willing to change it up so if you could show me some photos of hairstyles of people with fine/thinner hair. Most male models have full thick hair so i dont know what to do.plz help me out

What hairstyle should I use for my thick hair?

First, I’ll start by saying that I have thick hair. I blow dry it and use a straightening iron to reduce the thickness some. I have had the same hair style for years now. Normally I just get my hair cut up to my shoulders and get the sides cut into my face. I like the lenght where my hair lays on my shoulders. I talked to my hairstylist about getting layers, but she said that layers will only make my hair look buffy since it is so thick. However, I am really wanting something new to do with it. I saw a pic on one of my friends’ myspace page the other day of a friend of his and I loved the way the girls hair was cut. However, I don’t quiet know how to describe it to my stylist. Do any of you know what it is when the ends of your hair kinda turn out but not a complet flip outward. I am thinking that maybe you can actually get it cut to turn out some without having to do it with an iron everyday. This is kinda what I am talking about but not the exact style I want

Does anyone have any other pics that may be helpful or any advice.

How would this hairstyle look?

I have really thick hair and It comes just below my shoulders right now. What I am wondering though is would either of these hairstyles or a combination of the two look good on my or should I go with something that would be longer? Thanks

This is my photo:

**Ya I know that I look really sweaty in this picture but it was the best one that I had

Hairstyle Photos:



Need hairstyle help for thick hair and my round face?!?

I have VERY thick medium length hair that is wavy…I NEVER wear my hair down cause it takes so much time and effort to straighten it and etc so I basically put it up all the time. I would like to find a hairstyle that would fit my round face and thick hair so it wouldnt take as long to manage it and straighten it but also cute and modern. anyone have any actual photos of hairstyles that might work?

How should I do my hair for prom?

Ok. So prom is this weekend..I wanted to do a half updo with my hair. I have really long thick hair and my boyfriend really likes when it is down…thats why i think I want the half updo. I just dont know how to do it. I know i want it to have curls but thats about it. But then sometimes i think it would be easier just to do an updo…what do you think?
I also wanted to try and work in tiny loose braids

Male celebrity haircut for thick hair?

I have really thick hair, and more hair then an average (22-year-old) male. This should to be a good thing, but I think its a curse. I can’t find a good looking haircut that works with my hair. I use super strong Got2B gel. I have dark, wavy hair.

Can anybody give me some names of celebrities with my kind of hair that I can use as an example? Pictures, tips etc. are also welcome. Thanks.

Any ideas for an easy school hairdo for school photos?

Hey i have my school photos in Wednesday.
I need ideas on what hairstyle to have so i don’t have another re-run of last years photo.
i have thick hair and its about just below my shoulder.
i have a long side fringe and its blonde hair with a few blonder tips.
I realyyy need an idea for it because i have no idea!
Thanks so much peoples!

How should I wear my hair to prom?

I have long (like halfway down my chest), dark brown, and really thick hair. My dress is fuschia-y pink and strapless, and has sequins and beading.

I love my dress, but I don’t know how to wear my hair! I don’t really want a really intricate up-do, but I don’t just want to wear it down either.

I have already booked a hair appointment for the day of prom.

I would really love ideas for my hair, and would especially appreciate pictures. Thanks!