I have something to do thursday i have frizzy wavy hair i want it to look like taylor swifts or something like that i will put pictures below to be as a guidlines so i weally need a cheap way also because i need money for the event too and iam on like a 10 dollar buget for hair supplies

Heat Free Hairstyles / Overnight Hairstyles?

I have naturally wavy hair that flips out because of my layer which are to the bottom of my chin. The longest part of my hair is two inches below my collarbone.

My hair is thick but very weak, so i do not use heated tools more thank 1-2 times a month.

I am looking for heat-free cute hairstyles so i can get cute hair without using heated tools. I currently braid my hair when its wet to get it wavy, and i use curlformers (which are amazing).

I want to know if anyone knows of heat free/overnight hairstyles i could use on my medium length hair.

If you could plz add pictures or videos of how to do it that would be amazing 🙂 . THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

I need help with a hair style?

I want my hair to look like this, only with it being red. I only have a hair dryer and a 1 inch Ionika hair straightener.

This is the style I want:

This is my hair now:

I have tried tutorials but I just can’t seem to do it right. Any advice and suggestions are more than welcome and greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help and time.

Hair Style Help! someone think of a new hairstyle idea for me please?

Hi everyone. I am a teenage girl and I have shoulder length brown wavy hair. It is quite puffy and quite thin. I have currently got it layered though they aren’t very noticeable. Does anyone have any ideas what hairstyles would suit. I have an oval-diamond shaped face. Please put any links of photos. Thanks again.

I have curly hair….how to get wavy hair.? EZ TEN POINTS?

I have extremely curly hair.

Its comparable to this…actually looks exactly like this but shorter: https://www.chiggyonline.com/curly-hair/img/long6-curly-hair.jpg

How can i make my hair similar to this??




help??? I only have a straightener & a curling iron ( one 1 inch and one 1.5 inches.)



Male celebrity haircut for thick hair?

I have really thick hair, and more hair then an average (22-year-old) male. This should to be a good thing, but I think its a curse. I can’t find a good looking haircut that works with my hair. I use super strong Got2B gel. I have dark, wavy hair.

Can anybody give me some names of celebrities with my kind of hair that I can use as an example? Pictures, tips etc. are also welcome. Thanks.

How to do your own hair for your wedding?

Im getting married in less than a month, I know im cutting it close and probably should have thought about all this way earlier. I am getting married on the beach and i know that i want loose curls with my hair half up and half down with a flower of some sort. I have yet to practice, but i want some advice on how to make the perfect curls? should i use curlers or a curling iron, i dont want to be stressed over my hair on my wedding and i want something easy and that i know will look perfect. any ideas? i have wavy hair, i mostly straighten it and can be worn curly.
I cant really go to a hair salon, im getting married in Jamaica and im not so sure i want the hair salon there to do it, besides i want something simple enough, that im sure i can do it and it still look good.