What do you guys think of this hairstyle?


What do you guys think of his hair? Personally I love it and want to get it that way. What do I say to the person who cuts my hair if I want it like that? My hair is completely long.
I dont have light skin like the guy in the pic. I’m darker skin but not too dark because I’m latino. Do you guys think this hairstyle will still work?

Kim Kardashian Cornrows Hair Pics . Where can I see Kim Kardashian New Hairstyle Photos ?

I heard that Kim Kardashian Cornrows had new Hair style on Thursday . Where can I see Kim Kardashian New Hairstyle Photos ?
Thanks Rajeas I saw the pics here . Thanks to yahoo answers.

If i want to get my hair cut but i don't know what the hairstyle is called what should i do?

i want it cut like J.Lo cut hers in the movie enough see?: https://images.allmoviephoto.com/2002_Enough/jennifer_lopez_enough_005.jpg



but i don’t know what that hairstyle is called…also i have african american hair and seeing as my hair is nappy would that be a smart move as far as getting it to stay like that without spending 40 bucks to get it done every two weeks?

Where can someone go online to get insight on what hairstyle they should wear (based on their own photo)?

You see, I’m going on a date with this girl, and I want to look my best. But Yahoo! Answers doesn’t approve of asking questions that are meant solely for ones own benefit. So where can I go online to get insight on what hairstyle I should wear for this date I’m going on, and preferably some place where I’ll get a lot of responses quickly?

What is a good website to find updo's for my hair for my wedding?

I have done searches on yahoo and google and comcast and I have looked at TONS of pics through them. I have searched websites and I have searched through the image search. Does anyone know of a GREAT website? I didn’t think I was a very picky person, but I can’t find a hair-do I like. My wedding is in like 35 days!

Prom Hair? help? [photo of hairstyle inside]?

i recently posted this

with photo of prom dress i want in

now im considering hair
i really like this


its the photo, in the middle of the two paris hilton photos
i have long medium brown hair
not sure about hairstyle though
dont really like all of hair our of face
any ideas?

also, what about make up?

Having trouble finding a photo of a hairstyle I want. Please help?

Alright, I have naturally curly hair, about mid-length, long layers. I’m wanting to try the side swept bangs, but I can’t find a good photo of it. My hair appointment is for Thursday, Chuck is pretty trendy, but pictures are always nice to have.
Any pictures you can find are greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
Yes! Thank you sssoooo much. I didn’t even think of google. Yahoo image search image kind of sucks. Thank you again!

Which hair style or should i stay the same?? **PICS INCLUDED**?

ok heres wat i look like
and here r some thing i was mabe wanting just say

A: https://z.about.com/d/beauty/1/0/-/l/Reesecovershot.JPG

B: https://m300.photobucket.com/image/bangs%20hairstyle/paramore899/thm_phpvccqJs.png.html?src=www

or C: https://www.celebrity-hair-styles-magazine.com/images/pictures-of-celebrity-hair-cuts-06.jpg

just choose SAME A B or C


Pixie hairstyle photos please?

Hellooo, yahoo 🙂 I have a roundish face, probably more oval than round but still kinda roundish. Haha. My hair was down to my mid-back and I accidentally cut my hair way too short, so I need to go get it fixed at a hairdresser, and I still have enough hair on my head to get a pixie cut, I believe. I bleached my hair recently so it’s white-blonde (it was originally darker blonde) and I loveeee it. But, I can’t find any GOOD pictures of pixie cuts! I found out but it’s kinda blurry.

I love the kinds that have sort of longish bangs and really short everywhere else, but still enough so spike or play with and style, texturize.. I’m fifteen.

Can somebody find me pictures that match my description?