Trying to find a wedding hairstyle for natural curly hair??

I’m bi-racial and trying to find a hairstyle for my wedding in a couple of weeks. I have a round face and my hair is shoulder length, tight curls. I would like to wear a informal wedding hairstyle. its a outside wedding and my dress is very simple. I was thinking of maybe putting a flower in my hair instead of a veil, but I’m not able to find any pics for natural curly hair. I was thinking of maybe straighten it and then just wearing it down, but I’m not sure. I have also thought of just wearing my hair natural down. any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Mary Grace says:

    I have naturally curly hair and it sounds like your wedding is very similar to mine!

    I wore my hair down and curly. I pulled just the top front part of my hair back (what would be my bangs if I had them at the time) and secured it with a barret, you could use bobby pins also. Then I put my veil on and secured it in front of the clip. I got tons of compliments. If you want to see a pic email me and I’ll give you my myspace info, I have wedding pics on there. Best wishes!!!!!!

    If you need your makeup done, Mac will do your makeup for free if you spend $50 in the store. They’re fabulous!

  2. linav88 says:

    Hair loose, hanging down natural or a loose updo with curls around your face. A crown of flowers, maybe.

  3. Anna Banana says:

    Perhaps you can put your hair in a high pony, let be curly, and put a few flowers in the ponytail. Or even better, wear a sparkly thin headband.

  4. Juicy8654 says:

    My friend has hair like yours. Sometimes she pulls 1/2 of it back into a barette and it looks really pretty. I would do that, but have the barette be encrusted with jewels OR have it be plain and have someone secure flowers on top of it to make it look like your hair was pulled back by the flowers. You can get some really pretty earings to wear because your hair won’t be in the way or you can leave a few strands of hair in front to frame your face. I wouldn’t staighten it just because it might frizz or something. Good Luck!!

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