4 Responses to Wedding day hair question for long hair?

  1. Texas girl and happy wifey! says:

    My hair is down past my rear, so it’s pretty long. I had a friend do it, and it turned out beautifully! Here’s a pic:
    That’s the best pictures I could find. I hope it helps!

  2. BADNESS says:

    Have your stylist do your hair. You have a thought talk to her about it. Never wash your hair for 2 days before the wedding as they need that to help make your hair tease and stay. Have her put it up and do do ringletts down the side of your face. It will look so cute. Look in brides mags,. When you get a idea and you go to whos doing it then show her and see what she thinks. Keep going and see what she is doing with it and all. Alot of sopray it will stay no worries.

  3. rodeogirl says:

    due to i have naturaly long curly hair we just did it in a simple up do

    but for most weddings i been to i am the one that is more creative with hair trust me i can do the same a salon can do hair esp when they charge upwords around 45 dollars a head most of my girl friends ask if i can do hair we have done bump its also that bungie hair holder both work good

    i like personaly hair that is swept up with alot of rinestone accents. i look for not super dated and unknown poodle up do’s that you would normaly never do. it your wedding day not a lab experiment

  4. Mrs♥B says:

    I just curled it and put a sparkly headband in it, along with my veil.


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