wedding dress and hair style(picture inside)?

Would this hair style go with this dress



I will wear a tiarra or flowers I havent decide yet which one and i will also wear a veil, the ones that can tuck in the back and cover the face to walk down the aisle. i will take the veil of after the first dance.

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14 Responses to wedding dress and hair style(picture inside)?

  1. ynra says:

    yes it would definetely work together. by the way that dress is beautiful

  2. SatinSue says:

    i think it would.
    i love that dress by the way.

  3. sarah p says:

    i think so i really like them both good luck

  4. suka says:

    They are both amazing. You have great taste. I wish you and your future husband every happiness. Good luck for the big day.

  5. Gracielacey says:

    They will look great together, they suit each other very very well!

    I think a smaller broach type hair pin in one side of your hair would add something more special than a tiara or flowers. But that is just my personal opinion.

    Check out 1928, 2028 and Monet jewelry at Macys. I got my hair pins for my wedding from Money and it was amazing.

  6. jf says:

    I think they would go well together. The hair is stunning and so is the dress.

  7. **Kaitlyn** says:

    yeah. totally

  8. krgr_1428 says:

    Both are lovely and I think they’d look great together. I’m having trouble picturing a tiara with that hairstyle though but then I haven’t seen a bride wearing a tiara whose hair wasn’t completely flat on on top.

    Usually the hairstyle are like this :

    I dunno, I’m sure you’ll look absolutely gorgeous. I envy your gown 🙂

  9. Luv2Answer says:

    The golden rule is simple hair for an elaborate dress and elaborate hair for a simple dress. I think your dress calls for something classic and less complex. There is too much going on once you add a tiara.

  10. KIM-ME says:

    The hair look good the dress look good.But I would not put a tiarra on with that hair do it will not look the same.And flowers no.

  11. daph_dawn says:


  12. me says:

    it would go great together!

  13. nytengayle13 says:

    wow, what a gorgeous dress!!!!! the hair will absolutely go with the dress!

  14. KMONEY831 says:

    Absolutly stunning dress! The hair would be gorgeous, get a small tiara, or tiara comb and atatch the veil with velcro be hind it so it is easy to take off after the wedding for the ceremony.

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