Wedding hair?

I’ve looked at all the big wedding site ( etc) and can’t seem to find the hairstyle i like. I want my hair down and curly…maybe even half up half down. does anyone have any other sites to suggest of pic they can send me of this style. …bc i just can’t seem to find anything.

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  1. Nikki says:

    I cant get it to pull up with the picture already there but I LOVE this style I’m thinking about using it myself

    go to the gallery…then you only have to hit next one time..its the only style on that page with half up half down…its the bottom one in the left think its REALLY cute….good luck in finding your perfect style!

  2. Kellyroxs says:

    Look on They have amazing hairstyles. Here’s on ethat’s curly and half up/half down

    Look around. They have a wavy category, updos, anything you like.

  3. emeia04 says:

    I know, I had the hardest time finding a picture of the hairstyle I wanted…Try googling "Informal hairstyles" under images…Look at celebrity hairstyles…Jessica Simpson has had some pictures taken of her when her hair was down and curly…very pretty…I ended up just going home one night and fixing my hair the way I wanted it…then I took pictures of it…Voila! Good luck!!

  4. Christina V says:

    it’s hard picking hair styles from a website. it might look great on that person, but wrong on you and your dress choice. i would go to a salon and ask them to do several different styles, a test run before the wedding.

  5. k.paulson says:

    Talk to your hairdresser! He or she will be able to help you to find the style that’s right for you. Go in at least a week before the wedding for your consultation, and they will do a trial run for your hair (and makeup, if you are having it done). This will give both you and your hairdresser time to make any necessary adjustments to make sure you are at your most stunning on your wedding day.


  6. maidmarion15 says:

    Find a stylist that you can trust and do some trial runs on fixing your hair. They may be able to help you the best since you will be able to see it on you.

  7. TJ says:

    go to then click on images then type in wedding hair and click enter. you should get a lot of pictures to look at. i also have a lot saved on my comp because that is what i want for my hairstyle to. so if you need any i can email them to you?

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