7 Responses to Wedding Hair?

  1. purpletulips4me says:

    try this website for pictures:


    I like the half up half down with ringlets myself. Goodluck!

  2. J.J. says:

    check out the pictures listed on line at wedding sites, or check the local paper, and see what looks best for you .. …………………..

  3. Issac says:

    gawn and get yo heer did.

  4. VWLVR says:

    Well, I would definitely wear it up, at my wedding we danced and had so much fun that I sweated, and if my hair would have been down and on my back it would’ve looked crappy and frizzy after about 2 hours, wear it up!!

  5. fuzzhead9 says:

    i love these hope you do too.this first website is great you take a short test to see whats best for you.

  6. smarty_tarty101 says:

    It depends on your location, dress, veil, hair length, texture, etc. I give you some basic categories.

    Simple dress with veil: Hair down and natural or curly. That would be pretty.

    Simple dress no veil: Half up half down. You could try a tiara too! You’ll be a princess. You could even do a pretty updo.

    Fancy dress with or without veil: Either way, make it simple.

    What I’m saying is, match the hair to the occasion. Big church, fancy dress, simple hair (you don’t want to overdo the extravagance) and vice versa.

  7. cut-it-out says:

    Sorry, can’t give pictures, but I always loved the natural look of hair down.
    Half up sounds good too.
    My sister wore her hair down and she looked beautiful. No tightly wound hair with tons of hairspray and whatever.
    Simple is pretty, very pretty.
    You could go to a salon and have them try different styles on you or ask hairdresser friends.
    Good Luck and much happiness!!!

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