4 Responses to Wedding hair……………?

  1. TheaCat says:

    Wash it the day before. Hair that is slightly dirty will style better.

  2. cem08 says:

    Either way, I dont think its a big deal. If you have time, I would save it for the morning of, but if yo will be busy all morning, I would get it out of the way the night before…but make sure its later on after dinner and eveything. good luck!

  3. Jilly says:

    Definitely don’t wash it the day of. I’d wash it the afternoon before and then let it be dirty. It actually is a big deal and makes a big difference. If and when you shower the morning of the wedding, you can wet the hair down just don’t shampoo.

  4. Misty says:

    You should know how your hair styles best (dirty, clean). If your hair gets oily quickly etc…when you wash it should be your call based on those things.

    Great hold hair spray, TIGI’s Bed Head Master Piece.

    Good Luck!

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