Wedding hair???

I have an idea of what I want my hair to look like for my wedding, but I can’t find a picture of anything close to it, so it’s hard to imagine if it will even look the way I am picturing in my head. Basically, I want a half up half down do. I have a gorgeous swavorski crystal headband I would love to wear. What I am picturing is my hair being parted on the side to give the the effect of bangs, as my hair is all one length, and then top portion of hair pulled back to the nape of my neck with loops (I don’t know the technical term for the loop-type curls found in a lot of formal hair styles) and then the rest of my hair down with loose flowing curls. My veil will go in between the 2 sections of hair. Any one have any pics of similar styles or any other ideas???

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  1. cj.arena says:

    My daughter is doing a practice run with her hair dresser, this way she’ll see exactly what she’s going to look like with the style she chooses. Best wishes on your upcoming wedding.

  2. knowlezy says:

    just go to your local salon they will be happy to help you if you go and have a practice run at it you will know it will be right on the day.

  3. wyant1327 says:

    well, tell the hairdresser exactly what u said above, and if they dont understand, then try wording it differently. hope your wedding is sucessful!!!!!!!!!!!!

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