Wedding hair??

well I am attending a wedding for my best friends mother and soon to be step father August 9th. I didn’t get my dress or shoes or anything yet but I am planning to go to David’s Bridal. I am one of the Junior Brides Maids. I am getting my hair done with my friend and the bride (my friends mom) but I don’t know what to get. I don’t like my hair up so that’s out of the question..I like my hair down and straight but I dont know if thats appropriate for a wedding? Does anyone have any ideas they can share or some pics? Also..If you happen to know of a light blue dress can you send me a pic? Thanks so muchh

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  1. Stephanie C says:

    I know what you mean about having your hair up. For me, I dont like my hair up either because of my face shape. But i think, you should have it half up half down, teased up high in the front, with your hair on the bottom in soft long curls. Add in a piece of extensions in if you do not have enough hair. Go to your local beauty supply store, and match up the your hair type and color. Then if you do not want to sew it into your hair… then you can bobby pin it in underneath your high teased half up pony tail. Bring extra bobby pins and hair spray in your bag just in case.

    thats the perfect do 🙂
    hope i could help

  2. tutu says:

    how about hair thats down strait with curly strips or strait down hair withcurly at the bottom

  3. Auntie Jowee says:

    I think a side sweep like in the link below will look very sophisticated.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    if you want it down and straight then maybe a half pony tail?it’d look even prettier if it were in curls, thats more formal.

  5. jennafer719 says:

    After a shower but some gel in it and give it the beach wave by crimping it with your hand.

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