4 Responses to wedding hair?

  1. k b says:

    whatever you do…don’t go for an out there style, or you’ll look back on your wedding pictures with disgust. You shouldn’t stray too far from your everyday look. You just want to "up" it a little…enhance the beauty..not change you completely.The best idea is to take a picture with you to the stylist, and maybe even make a practice run with your stylist…so, they know exactly what you want. After it’s done..take lots of pics from every angle so the day of the wedding…they get it just right. Mine was extremely long, and permed when I got married 7 years ago…It looked just like Julia Robert’s hair in Pretty Woman when she’s waiting for him in the bar? And she has on the pretty black dress. I loved it, and it looked great in the pictures.

  2. KB says:

    look online at theknot.com, they have TONS of pictures of wedding hair ideas. So do wedding magazines.you jsut need to look and see what you like best for you.

  3. confused says:

    go to google.com and type hair styles in the search engine

  4. Sarah T says:

    I have hair like yours and I just wore it down. I went to the salon and got my hair washed and dried and finished out by a pro so I still felt spoiled but I looked gorgeous.

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