Wedding hair?

Was going to have a hairstylist do it, but decided too much of a hassle and too expensive, my mom is pretty good with hair.
so she decided to order two of these
one will be where it is in the photo and the other will be above it so it looks longer, they are clipped in and very sturdy clips…
Has anyone done this?
trust me, its anything but plain, considering the way i normally wear my hair….
to answer the question, what if i get it and don’t like it? well i’ve got plenty of time….it will be her by xmas eve and we’ll try it..if i don’t like we’ll send it back lol…

I don’t want anything to extravagent for those who said it was boring lol….my dress is a victorian looking dres…the hairstyle works with it 🙂

i was asking if anyone had done this, (thank you to those who answered that question)
not "what do you think"

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11 Responses to Wedding hair?

  1. OZZIEGAL says:

    its a very pretty classic hairstyle and will look gorgeous. my daughter uses this type of product often and has great success with it~her hair always looks nice when she does it with ‘add-ons’.
    good luck sweetie, and have a lovely wedding.

  2. Abercrombie&Fitch says:

    ewwwwww…..!!! that is for a cheep wedding!! jk lol
    it is just a little boring, & plain!

    try like updos websites.

  3. jlunchbox says:

    you could easily get your hair done for the price of two of those. getting your hair done professionally is one less thing you have to worry about on that day.

    that doesn’t really answer your question, sorry. Just some (unwanted) advice.

  4. *Soulja Girl* says:

    a little boring!

  5. kiki says:

    Just be careful….back when I was in cheer we had to wear these and they’d fall out all the time! Granted we were bouncing up and down….so you should be fine 🙂

    Good luck

  6. basketcase88 says:

    Well, they’re 29.95 plus 5.95 shipping and handling–which makes them $35.90 a piece. For 2 of them, that’s $71.80, unless they discount shipping for the 2nd one–I couldn’t tell if they do or not.

    Where my daughter and I get our hair done, they’ve charged her $45 plus tip for an updo for her prom, etc. She has ALOT of hair, and it takes roughly an hour to 1 1/2 hours to do her hair.

    You could also probably spend the same amount of $$, and have the hairdresser come to you. Or maybe a little more, but I would think it would be worth it. Those hair pieces are nice, you would just want them to really match your hair color. That would be my biggest concern with them.

    Good luck, whatever you decide. It’s your wedding, so you do what you want to do.

  7. smidley123 says:

    Who cares what other people think. The question is …. do you like it??

  8. Brigid P says:

    Suggested hairstyles:

    In a braid/bun

  9. Breezer says:

    Spend the money to get both hair and makeup done-you will not regret it, and thank me for not having to worry about it on your big day.

    I can´t believe I spent the money—I am normally so tight with funds, but I did spend this on myself, and both my sisters and friend said they wish they would have done it too. When I look at pictures, I see myself-only better.

    Please, please, please have it done professionally! You´re going to look at your pictures over and over, and for every year of your life, so spend the money.

    The hairstyle is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. miss R says:

    I personally wouldn’t order one – what if it looks horrible when you get it? Go to a store yourself and look around – go for the real hair – it’s a bit more expensive, but definitely worth the money (especially when matched to your hair tone) – you don’t want your "fake" hair be noticed in the pictures and or guests

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