Wedding hair extensions?

I want long (and thicker) hair for my wedding but when I look it up online I just keep going around in circles. I want to know how various people/companies put them in, how long they last, how much maintenance will be needed, and price lists so I can compare. Oh yeah, and acrylic hair is out of the question. Can any hair stylists help???

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3 Responses to Wedding hair extensions?

  1. gangsta ma says:

    you can get it bonded, fused, or sewn in ( I don’t think you want braids for your wedding,but also another form to apply extensions). bonding is cheaper however, it could take your hair out when you start to remove the extensions. Fusion cost a lot $400 but they look nicer. If you properly take care of it they can last from four to six weeks. Sew ins are nice too just get some one to take it out for you because you don’t want to cut your hair. Maintenance is daily unless you get a updo!

  2. elena K says:

    dont do long hair

  3. Miss. Nikki says:

    I want to a store bought my own and had a hair styles put it in but it only as long I didn’t take a shower… I wore a bath cap for a lil’ but she basically wrapped them into my hair

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