Wedding hair…PLease share. What do you like?

I have asked this question before but I am trying to get a wide variety of pics or opinions.

What did your hair look like or pass along some pics you like of wedding hair. I am wearing this headpiece but I think I want my hair done a little different.

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10 Responses to Wedding hair…PLease share. What do you like?

  1. D4Pres2012 says:

    yeah to tell you the truth the hairstyle in that pic looks outdated. like prom 1999. I would love to see that headpiece with your hair down and with loose curls, or half down.

  2. NaughtyAngel B2B♥4/17♥ says:

    Personally, I like the half-up half-down look with loose waves. I’m planning on having it done in this way, with a few face-framing pieces and loose waves with a small cluster of white flowers above the veil. Google Jessica Simpson’s wedding hair, that’s pretty much how I want mine to look (I’m also naturally blonde).

    The headpiece is very pretty but I’m not a fan of the girl’s hairstyle, it is very stiff and uptight looking. Besides, my hairdresser told me that updos don’t last the whole night, and you will end up looking like a mess halfway through your reception.

    Since you’re asking for advice, I’d say go with half up half down with your headpiece and maybe some jewelled clips in the back. If the hair starts coming down halfway through, it’ll still look gorgeous with the loose waves and will look intentionally undone.

    Have a beautiful wedding and congrats! =)

  3. Mendy says:

    Have you checked ? They have huge photo galleries of wedding hairstyles.I’m sure you could find something that you like there, or at least get some more ideas. I found my hairstyle in a magazine, otherwise I would send it to you.

  4. Future Wifey says:

    Hey –

    Love the hairpiece!

    But personally, I think these look better with up-dos, though it doesn’t have to be so slicked into place either (as per picture).

    All I can suggest is going to your stylist with the hairpiece and asking them to play about with styles and incorporate it in. You’ll know the right one for you when you see it. they’ll charge to do this, but you’ll know it looks good, is what you want and they can do it again the day of the wedding!

    Good luck

  5. supi244 says:

    these are great updo but its hard so if it doesnt work too bad

  6. Gillian says:

    I love the idea of a loose half done french braid style. I saw it on on one of their videos. My hairdresser thinks I need an up do because I am getting married during what is being predicted as the hottest week of the year! I still can’t decide!

  7. U were born an original says:

    i am undecided about it, i have really long curly hair and i would like to pin it up, but have curls hanging down all over to make it look like they escaped maybe

    answer mine please

  8. chefperry says:

    Hi, as I am small and younger than I look (im 24) my hairdresser suggests a simple formal up do rather then loose curls

    I am thinking of a big side bun, but have not decided on headpiece (maybe a flower or hair band)

    I also like these

  9. Calla Lily Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ I ♥ Spring! says:

    It’s alright but I’m not a big fan of it. A girl I know, who usually is very pretty, had a hairstyle similar to that and it took a lot away from her looks.

  10. toyya says:

    yes that is nice, but remember the type of dress you have

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