Wedding hairstyle suggestions for baby fine hair?

I have baby fine hair that is pretty much all one length – just past my shoulders. I have a widows’ peak. Any suggestions on how to wear my hair for my wedding day? My hair doesn’t hold a curl very well. I was thinking of maybe adding clip in hair extensions…would those damage my hair?

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8 Responses to Wedding hairstyle suggestions for baby fine hair?

  1. l'il mama says:

    Yes extensions hurt your hair. I would just find a small, thin headband with either rhinestones or small flowers on it and pull your hair back. This simple idea is elegant and tasteful and not to mention easy on the wallet. Congrats!!

  2. Sexy♥katie says:

    putting it up like a baby girl does u kno in a poney tail right on the tippy top of ur head. haha

  3. texas hearts says:

    I’ve always thought flowers in hair are beautiful, they’re simple and work well with straight hair or curls, and it add something interesting so you dont have to worry about curls falling out.

    I don’t know about clip in hair extensions, but if you do get them I’d go somewhere that has experience with them!

    Congratulations on getting married!

  4. adobeprincess says:

    I would wear it up. You can get it professionally done and they can put up that length of hair.

  5. Sienna says:

    you should have an up do.
    here is a site you should look at the pics of some!
    they are sooo pretty!

  6. babysitter_1001 says:

    try crimping on section of your hair on either which side you prefer all the way down to your shoulders, flat iron the rest,and put a flower in the crimped section. that so cute! kind of like a modern flower child.

  7. Snail says:

    For fine hair they may break it….Get it styled at a salon..with the veil….check them out and get references…it’s once in a life time…invest in a good stylist! Good luck and best wishes!!!

  8. anotheroldsong says:

    For Baby-Fine hair, that doesn’t curl easily? (Let me just say……ouch!)
    Sorry, sorry,

    ~If you do want to have curls in your hair, take a LARGE curling iron, and give yourself a SLIGHT curl. DO NOT USE ACTUALL HAIR SPRAY!! Ya know the kind that smell REAL bad and that gets everywhere? Spary your hair with something in the REDKEN brand b4 u curl your hair, get the one with the manual sprayer!

    ~And if you don’t want curls in your hair, try pulling back the front part of your hair, pull up all the hair so that your ears are completely visable, (unless you have bangs!) tie it with a CLEAR hair tie, then add a diamond barret, or flowers, ect. And add some really nice earrings!

    (P.S. congrats!)

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