6 Responses to What are some good celebrity hair styles for a teen girl?

  1. cally says:

    never cornrows..no no no…
    go for something cute that’s easy to manage and suits the shape of you face.

  2. ndndnd says:

    hanna f**ktana!! aren’t all 13 year old girls supposed to obsessed with her annoying ugly self?

  3. BoredMate ;) says:

    Depends on your face type really. And what colour hair, eyes and the tone of your face. If you cut your hair really short, and you have a small face, its not gonna look good. Ask the hairdresser, they’re bound to show you what would suit you, and if you like it, then go for it. 🙂

  4. Kimberly says:

    maybe Miley Cyruss hairstyle:

    or some fantastic cornrows:

    or even more curls:
    🙂 just have fun! it’s the time when you can do anything to your hair! enjoy it!

  5. kinkykirsty92 says:

    Maybe the Rianna style hair everyone loved that do, or the victoria beckham one that was like a pixi bob kinda thing =P

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