6 Responses to what are some good prom hair styles?

  1. Genea S says:

    Look through a bridal magazine – they tend to have a lot of up-dos in their ads.

  2. kelly says:

    Get a up do, they always work with dresses.

  3. mrs.contreras says:

    there are alot of internet sights that have prom hairstyles like yourprom.com also prom magazines out like your prom magazine and prom 2007.. im also looking for prom hairstyles.. your hair is long.. so since im figuring you would be dancing i suggest you get an updo..(with your hair down, it tends to get hot on your neck with all the people there)

  4. Katie H says:

    wear it down, but have soft, perfect curls. if you want you can have a little bit of it pulled back so its not in front of your eyes. you’ll have a lot more fun this way because you wont have globs of gel and a million pins in your head all night. besides, with your hair down and flying in the wind when you dance, all eyes will be on you!

  5. isa says:

    Um…..I think you should twist a bit on both sides, and pull that back. You can also put in rolers on the ends, so you have big loopy curls. That would look really cute and unique. Hope I could help~isa B-)

  6. f4_shantel says:

    Curl it to perfection, that’s always the way to go.

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