5 Responses to What are some pretty hairstyles for school photos?

  1. Maggie A says:

    ..you can have a look at the Latest Hairstyles

  2. Steph says:

    ribbons! and dont you dare say your too old, cuz any1 can pull then off
    also bows on the side of your head are back:D

  3. ღSonora Skyeღ says:

    Side bangs with a bow to the side. 🙂
    And def. straighten. (:

    Answer mine (pix included)

  4. cupcake cunt says:

    i would suggest getting something different, so change the color first of all, two tones would be best. more than that it’s easier to ruin your hair

    and also, if you have to wear your hair up, get bangs that are either a fringe stopping right above Your lashes, or an a-line cut bang.

    but if you can wear it down, it depends of what shape your face is. if its round, try an angular bob, like what Rhianna used to have. if its oval or heart-shaped, you should have something with texture and layers. and if it’s square, try a cut that frames Your face

    but if you’re willing to go short, try a longer pixie cut, about three inches should be the longest for this style

  5. Paulie says:

    Dye your hair bright red so you will stand out.

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