what are the names of these hair cuts?



pleas help i wanna cut my hair lol

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4 Responses to what are the names of these hair cuts?

  1. ★TouchedByAnAtheist★ says:

    The first one is "long layers" with "side bangs"

    The second one is backwards "concave layers" with round layers in the back, then most likely thinned out with a shears or a razor, and "side bangs"

  2. Savvy says:

    idk but they are super cute i have my hair cut kinda like the second one it is really easy to do!

  3. dazzle1901 says:

    The first one is just simple layers with bangs, and the second one is a shag cut with bangs. I don’t know whether or not they have actual names.

  4. skwirls chase skwirls says:

    A hairdresser would say these two haircuts have "choppy layers and angled fringe"

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