What can i do with my hair for prom?

well not prom, my grade 8 grad. I have thick brown hair. It is about shoulder length and it isnt very long. I can’t really curl it. But i could put some wave in it. I usually wear my hair up alot at school so i want to wear it down. What should i do so that it looks not casual?

I am from Canada and we don’t get out till june 30th (which sucks!)

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12 Responses to What can i do with my hair for prom?

  1. Denise S says:

    If U have thick brown hair u would probably look pretty wit finger waves they stay in for a while and their in style now too

  2. moneysworthless says:

    don’t go to prom

    be yourself, respect yourself, never try to impress people for the sake of attention.

  3. justathought says:

    Do the bald thing, be the rebel.

  4. Dianita says:

    yeah try to make some beautiful waves with maybe some starnds of hair up. if u can, try gettin extensions, so that u can have long, beautiful wavy hair. have fun!

  5. i love k says:

    Is your school not out yet ? That is strange to be in school on june 22nd.

  6. meg&dia says:

    put it in a very sleek half pony
    so that the half down is wavy

  7. oceanblue0718 says:

    Straighten it and curve it in a little
    Then make it a zig-zag part.
    Its simple but stylish
    Also you could get a few highlights or low lights to polish it off
    Good luck and I hope you have fun!

  8. sborgard says:

    try doing a half up and half down do. That way its easier for you to either straighten or curl your hair and also so that it isn’t as casual.

  9. Quite New Here says:

    Go to a salon. They will pull your original hair in a knot, put some false hair pieces that tumble down to your shoulders in curls etc, in various shades of highlights. It is fast and stunning and makes you look like a fairytale princess. Ask you salon hairstylist.

  10. Natural says:

    check the links below for beauty tips to:– * Prom Hairstyles

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