What can of product should I use for my curly hair to stay in place and frizz free?

i have really curly hair that frizzes really easily. What kind of products should i use to maintain it. Could you make them cheap! click the link below to see the type of hair i have and the length. Thank You.

sorry the link cant be "clicked" so just plz copy and paste onto another tab and see thanks!

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4 Responses to What can of product should I use for my curly hair to stay in place and frizz free?

  1. bb48bb says:

    I’ve found that John Frieda frizz products work really well.

  2. caramelgirl says:

    try john frieda products. they help maintain frizz and prevent it. they actually have an anti frizz hair product line that i personally use, it works and it smells great.

  3. superstitiousgirl22 says:

    i got a perm and i’ve found that treseme mousse for curls works really good if that doesn’t help i would try an anti frizz serum. or a hot oil treatment. hope this helps

  4. ġoiиġ ∩υтs & alгeaḋy CяคzУ says:

    olive oil will help:: https://www.amazingoliveoil.com/olive-oil-for-frizzy-hair.html

    you want to stay away from shampoos with SLS (sles) or ALS in them as they cause hair to thin :: there are lots of other harsh ingredients to watch out for::

    and you can make your own great conditioners @ home::

    aubrey organics: burt’s bee’s: kiss my face: jasons: and alba are great: safe brands to use =]

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