what color should i dye my hair for my wedding?

i just got really tan lately i have freckles green eyes and medium long hair..i have blonde highlights right now..I need to get my roots fixed I can’t decide if I should just add more highlights, dye it all black, or dye it blank and have a few blonde streaks kinda underneathish…or what.. help!

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4 Responses to what color should i dye my hair for my wedding?

  1. Yulian says:

    You should keep your hair for original color.It will remind you of umarried apearance.

  2. Laura B says:

    Girl, don’t do something crazy before your wedding!! Just get the roots fixed, maybe add a few more highlights. Lighter would look nicer with the tan anyway. Good luck!

  3. BarbieGirl says:

    dark brown.. black would look terrible!

  4. librian_friend says:

    If yours hair did not discolored, dying may cause discoloring. But its OK if you are going to make it just for the wedding occasion. Even then use that dying cream which is with least side effects.

    Its a fun to make changes in your hair color, style and little bit in other areas of body. In summer you also consider the heat. So my suggestion is to choose dark brown color. If possible get some hair treatment for oily, shining and healthy looking hair.

    I hope that it will add good to your marriage and your partner will be glade. 🙂

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