What do you think about this hairstyle? (Photo)?

Should I go for this cut?
So I would like to cut my hair very short but I am not sure if I can pull off short short hair. Also I wanna know what you girls think about the cut..
This is what I wanna do…


And this how I look right now…



Should I keep it longer or cut it off?
Or is the cut to military like?

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15 Responses to What do you think about this hairstyle? (Photo)?

  1. my sword my tade! says:

    dont take this the hard way but honestly the only people who should be bald. are military men and men who have lice. thats just my opinion!

  2. Linda says:

    cut it off

  3. ask the daisies says:

    cut it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. edward72892 says:


  5. Kevin W says:

    Just cut it man, cuz you can always grow it back.

  6. Det. John Kimbel says:

    Shave it or STFU

  7. jordan says:

    ummm…. i think it’d be better long… but you know, its only hair, so if you wanna try the millitary cut, then go for it. it will grow back…

  8. cutsie110 says:

    cut it

  9. Oscar says:

    cut it short

  10. Mickie H says:

    It is military-like, but I think it’ll look better on you.

  11. Crys.tal. says:

    It would look perfectly fine. I don’t know why it would look stupid. It’s almost that short already.

  12. Hailey says:

    uhhhh cut it offf….duhh

  13. Arthur, King of the Bretons says:

    Get a mullet. The chicks dig mullets.

  14. Megan says:

    i think it does look like a military cut. i dont think it would be too appealing on you because of the shape of your head. (no offense)
    i like your hair now 🙂

  15. Kayla Jay says:

    I think you should cut it off.

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