What do you think I should put in my hair for my wedding?

I am getting married on the beach and do not want a veil. I thought about maybe a flower, but I want to incorporate my wedding color somehow. My color is bright green. I would look weird with a bright green flower in my hair so how can I do this? I just want a little pop of color. Thanks for the help! Pictures would be great. I don’t know how I am going to wear it yet. That will depend on the hair accessory I choose. Thanks!

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  1. planner says:

    you could try to find some white lilies or orchids which have a touch of the green in them.

    here are a couple of pictures of silk ones, but i’m sure you could find some real ones and show your florist the pics and they could design something for you. adding in feathers or a pretty butterfly would be nice for the beach.



  2. LoveForever,Darling. says:

    My sister just had a wedding (she has long hair) and she wore her hair curly and off to the side, with a yellow -jewled head band. And everyone was commenting on how pretty it looked. (her color was yellow) Maybe something like that?

  3. Roz says:

    Normally with flowers there is (in most cases) some ribbon looped at the base. Why not go to Michael’s Craft store and buy a yard of thin green ribbon. You could use a crayon mark on a piece of paper that is exactly the same bright green color of your wedding. You can either have silk flower decoration in your hair or you could have a silk arrangement made up. The thin green ribbon loops will tie in nicely with your dress, yet not be overwhelming.

  4. Miranda Sophia says:

    I think a yellow jeweled-headband,maybe a boho one would be awesome.Also a yellow,or red flower in hair will be great.Just keep it simple.I’ve been to a wedding lately and the bride was a wearing a really hugeee hair accessory and nobody liked it.So keep it simple.

  5. tbell1995 says:

    You Could do a daisy that has just the tips of the pedals done in your color…. that is what I am plaining on…. πŸ™‚ CoNgRaTs!

  6. fizzy stuff says:

    I still like the flower idea. Why not a white flower? If you want, you can add a tiny bit of bright greenery around it. Or just do the white flower alone.

  7. Inara says:

    OHH! This would look absolutly gorgeous!
    (Scroll down to the Green Hair Jewels) Green hair pins that twist into your hair. That is what I am using at my wedding (although I am using orange)… and I just had a practice hairstyle last weekend and they look absolutely gorgeous in my hair! Just twist them in wherever for that added color sparkle thats seriously just the right touch.

    You can also try just regular Green Rinestone Hair pins that slide into your hair instead of twist.

    It would look so pretty!!

    Good luck πŸ™‚

  8. Jenny Lynne says:

    I don’t know how bright your dress is, but I found a silk corsage that can be easily be attached to a hair comb or a barrette with hot glue or florist will help. I love it, it is two cymbidium orchids which to me are very tropical/beachy, just a touch of green. It is two orchids together and it measures 3"tall,6.5 inches wide and 7 inches in length. This size would be beautiful with your hair in any number of ways, you could pull it to one side with the flowers going longways or you can pin top of hair back with some fluffy curls going down, leave back very curly and use crosswise to cover whatever you pin your hair up with. An updo, with the flowers pinned underneath would also be beautiful, there are so many ways to use this and the two tiny orchids to me are just right.
    It is on https://www.afloral.com, on select a flower, click and put in blue and green, I think it is on the fifth page and the no. if SLK-HZ0064-Gr,1-5=$9.99. They also have some pretty silk calla lillies on this site that florist could easily make into a hair piece. This might sound big, but measure it out, they also had a single cymbidium orchid if the size of the above is too big, I like big something tropical, heck, show it off. The cymbidiums have a greenish/whitish color and these are true colors of the cymbidiums so why do you think green would not go in your hair. Just take a look. Good luck and best wishes.

  9. seamstress says:

    I wish I knew if you had long or short hair, if you were wearing it up or down, or partially up.

    I was at a beach wedding and the bride wore a hair wreath made out of flowers. It was so pretty and casual. She wore her hair up in a twist with trundle curls falling down. The light and airy flower wreath was back away from the forehead hairline then it went down above the ears and then back above the nape of the neck hairline. It looked so pretty and fuss free. It is sometimes breezy at the beach, so this hair style/hair piece kept her hair out of her face, yet it still had movement as it had an air of casual romance to it.

    Consider using your green flowers mixed with white flowers. You could have a feature cluster of flowers just above one ear or perhaps just on top and smaller whispy white flowers the rest of the way around the wreath. One gardenia with perahps a bright green orchard and baby breath or stephanotis would be really pretty. And, smell great, too.

  10. Katherine says:

    You could do a white flower with bright green leaves around it.

  11. texasirishrose says:

    a small thin circle of greenery and flowers on a metal or clear plastic headband would be pretty.
    You can look on etsy.com under weddings but it is cheaper to make them yourself.

  12. Libby says:

    You can still do a flower, perhaps with leaves that are green, or that has a green ribbon attached to it. Or maybe a green ribbon headband with a flower.

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