What do you think of this hairstyle?

What do you guys think of this hairstyle? I also want to know what color to get it. I have golden brown hair, but I don’t want to dye it, just maybe color highlights, color the tips, or just have one streak of color like red for example. https://www.latest-hairstyles.com/gallery/short/05.html
Yes, I want to be different, and make it a funky look.

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30 Responses to What do you think of this hairstyle?

  1. CookieMarie says:

    I think it’s really cute. If I had straight hair I would do it. I would do highlights with it.

  2. cherrychomper19 says:

    itss okkayy. nottinn speciall.

  3. Marie C says:

    It is modern and popular right now. Just talk with your stylist and see if she thinks it will look good with your facial features. The short cut will also be great if you do decide to so something funky with the color. I would reccomend the one red streak, and not doing the tips. It might not look good with your hair being that short.

  4. Ohno says:

    Love it!

  5. ♥Tarah♥ says:

    Honestly…i dont lke it but, if it is the style you like then cool =] all that matters is your opinion and you want to feel good and your natural color would probably look great!!

  6. smile=] says:

    its cute

  7. nido786 says:

    itz ok.so many ppl got dat hair style itz kind of boring now.n u shouldnt dye it reddd.

  8. noelle says:

    Cute. For this hairstyle I would go for some highlights, lowlights or both. Warm tones are very desirable so lucky you! Just tell the stylist to go a shade or two lighter or darker with fine weaves (they should know what that means). That will look the most natural and complementary for that haircut in my opinion.

    I wouldn’t suggest one streak because it usually looks a little weird unless you dye the rest of the hair a more contrasting color. Plus I think it would look better on a more dramatic haircut.

    If the highlights bore you though…go for some smaller panels in the bang area or underneath near the neck.

    Also ask your stylist her opinion. She/he usually has been around the block and knows what looks good.

  9. Nohelybbyy says:

    i love it!!!!!!!!!! i think you should leave the color as is but yea go for a hot pink streak in a section by the ear after the side swept bangs would be a fun look

  10. MatthewBoi says:

    I like it, so you should do it and put in a browny red highlights, but also put in a few dark brown foils, this is my opinion and I hope you like it.

  11. Ame778 says:


  12. Mulan says:

    i think it’s adorable! but remember, just because something looks good on someone else, doesn’t mean it will look great on you. just keep that in mind. but remember if you don’t like it, it’s just hair, IT WILL GROW BACK!

  13. ♠ make•cupcakes•not•war ♣ says:

    cute, but i dont think red is the right color to go with golden brown hair. what about some blonde streaks? or dark brown streaks?

  14. Emily says:

    I like it a lot. Is that you in the pic? If so you look good, but the style makes your head look a bit big at first glance.

  15. Audrey J says:

    I dont like it
    I think its to plain

  16. tuff chick says:

    i think it too house wife old school cut like it has to be perfect to look nice, ask your stylist to do your hair so it looks good on you, dont do the tip colouring thing that gay,instead of having just one streak have like 4 of them opposite each other with different amounts of colour at each streak so they not perfect that would suit that hairstyle. would roughen it up a bit haha

  17. Snip N Dance says:

    Its a cute style just be wrned… everyone has a similar hair cut. you can make it look different than everyones with the color though… if i were you i would go to a salon or beauty school and ask for vibrant wine colored highights, medium woven (width) and if you really want to try something different, i would get the wine highlights and a have them weave a vibrant pinkish/violet peek-a-boo bang too!!! it would look amazing with the wine color and your golden brown!!

  18. j-square says:

    clip part of the hair back with a really cute clip. it’ll look even cuter because its the same hairstyle you like and it wont cover half your face

  19. **Jess** says:

    I love it – I always wanted my hair like that but I have long curly hair. Wouldnt look that good on me tho.

  20. nomee says:

    I love it. it is so girly and cute 🙂

    Get some highlights. It would break up the colour for something different. Don’t go and get a chunk of hair died. it can look kind of tacky. A few highlights maybe a darker colour would look really nice.

  21. Abby K says:

    I really do like that hairstyle. I think you should get a Hot pink streak in your hair, or dye the tips hot pink. that would make you stand out

  22. .Slip.Into.the.Tragedy. says:

    it looks ADORABLE on that model.

  23. A LUV J says:

    Well, i honestly dont like it just because its too short. if you have long hair, make sure you are really sure about cutting it that short.. but if u want to be different go for it!! maybe you could put on different color clip extensions so u wont damage ur hair..

  24. camm says:

    its iight. most guys dont like short hair on girls, but if you want to then thats def the style to go for.

  25. Skullboy says:

    It looks really nice. 🙂

  26. Hannah says:

    okay that haircut is adoreable!
    I would get it in a brown mabey even some auburn streaks.

  27. Ladibugg37 says:

    Its a cute hair style, I have it and I’ve had it for a year and a half now after having long hair down to the middle of my back and I’m now trying to let it grow! Not only because I miss my long hair but I feel like everywhere I go somebody has the same hairstyle and it drives me crazy! But its up to you! Oh and no highlights that’s out for the fall!

  28. Missy H says:

    I really like it.I bet it would suit you.If you add a bit of voluming hairspray wow very niceAlso some dark blonde streaks would look very awsome,or light brown.I think you will be happier with a few blonde streaks rather than red.

  29. latachia_2 says:

    I love it. Use Loreal Color Experte for the highlights or just go ahead & get it done while your getting your cut.

  30. XOXO mary says:

    Um my mom has that cut almost. anyway yea i like it

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