What extra steps should I take to make my hair look gorgeous for my wedding day?

My wedding day is 10 days away. My hair is in good condition now. My hair is brunette and pretty straight. It is also long. Anything I can do to make it glossy and beautiful? Thanks!
What type of mask? Where did you get it? Thanks:-)

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  1. charlie's angel says:

    use a shine serum. john freida has some great shine products for hair. also maybe do a hot oil or deep conditioning treatment for some extra healthy bounce in your hair.

    here’s some products that i think would be great. heres the links:
    or if you dont want to use this try another glosser like:
    (a small amount goes a long way)

    hot oil treatments:

    deep conditioners:

    also try getting your hair trimmed a few days before the wedding, to get any dead ends off.

    hope this helps.

  2. Judi H says:

    Use a hair mask and leave it on under a shower cap to make your hair soft and shiny!! I just had my prom and this worked for me!!

  3. Nakia C says:

    There is this glossy product by Biolage.. give it a try.. keep your split ends groomed and condition your hair. check with your stylist.

  4. Kristen says:

    I definitely recommend Garnier 3 Minute Deep Conditioner. It’s only about $4, takes 3 minutes, is available at any drug store, and works wonders! Good luck and congrats on your wedding!

  5. Beth says:

    So long you keep your ends trimmed up like the week before the wedding you should be fine. I’m a stylist and I try to encourage my clients if they’re getting married to do this. That way their updo isn’t as hard to put up and we don’t have to try to mask the ends as much. If you worried about frizz I suggest TIGI BedHead AfterParty. It works great and it’s not as heavy as a serum. Don’t stress out about your hair either…You’re stylist will do a wonderful job. If you don’t like something she’s doing while it’s going on, make sure you tell her then! If you tell her at the end it’s kinda hard to fix it. It’s possible, but it’ll be a little bit harder.
    Enjoy your day!!!
    If you need anything else just let me know.

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