what hair do should i wear to my sisters wedding?

i am looking for a pretty hair do for my sisters wedding. my hair length is like medium sized hair brunet. i would like a hair do that is noticeable 4 my bangs but since its in july i dont want it to be down. u can leave a post it would be useful thank u

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  1. ♥RS says:

    You can try to do a really fancy bun.
    You wouldn’t want anything too simple since its a wedding.
    There’s a lot you can do with hair thats longer.
    Try the styles in "Source"
    Good Luck. Hope this helps!

  2. <3 says:

    French braid your bangs against your scalp until it gets to your hair then pin the end there.(:
    As for your hair, but it in a ponytail and curl it in one cute curl.(:

  3. Katie says:


    her bangs are poofed.. ish more to the side i guess

  4. Carandy1 says:

    Medium sized? Do you mean it is half way down your back? I really don’t understand medium sized, I’m sorry. Honestly, without being able to see your hair, or face shape it would be hard to give suggestions. I would recommend that you find pictures of updo’s you like. Make an appointment at a salon for a consultation and trial run. Any good cosmetologist will be able to look at your pictures, and tell you what will work with your hair type and face shape. Then they can show you what they think would look pretty. This way you can judge how long of an appointment you will need on the wedding day, and even if you really want it up or not. You want your hair to be pretty, but you also want to feel pretty. Having a consultation before the wedding will help you decide what you will feel more comfortable wearing.
    Good Luck and have fun!

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