8 Responses to What hair products (tools) do I need to make this hairstyle happen?

  1. Mel says:

    You only need to flat iron the side bang area, the rest looks like they just ruffled it up as they blow dried it, if they razor cut or textured your haircut all you need is a little moose or texture creme before you blow it out, flat iron the front and use some pomade or molding mud, put this on your finger tips, about the size of a nickle, rub onto the finger tips of your other hand, then scrunch it into the layers and smooth the front, it will give you that messy look, with some pliable hold and shine.

  2. Lilly says:

    just get some sort of hair gel and crunch the ends of you hair.

    good luck

  3. Just_curious says:


  4. :) says:

    you would probably need gel and hairspray.
    or some other products that make your hair have beach-y curls

  5. ♥HannieAxoxo♥ says:

    put your hair in plaits overnight after you have washed it, then in the morning take them out and scrunch mousse into the ends and where ever else you want your curls

    good luck

  6. Aiimee :] says:

    Just put some mousse in it, after washing it when its slightly wet then lightly scrunch it all up and while its drying, just keep scrunching it til its completely dry, then just put hairspray in to hold it.

  7. Lara says:

    get a thin cylindrical brissle brush and lightly curl your wet hair as you dry it with a powerful hot hairdryer. spray it and if you want more waved heat up a skinny straightener and curl it in a bunch of random places round the front of your face. It will look weird have the two types of curls left like that so tip ur head upside down and shake your head and run your fingers through it. For best results only curl some areas from the roots of your hair. do random waves starting from mid point down the length of your hair.

  8. Misake M says:

    u would probably need a medium barrel hair curler or a cirling flat iron to maek that happen. just remember to use a heat protector so u dont damage your hair in the process

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