what hairstyle!!! depsrate! photos!!!!?

i knw this has been posted but i reali need help!
im about to go to the hairdresser, and need help finding a style that would suit me…….

i have a heart shape face,
browny goldishy hair,
a fringe just past my eyes,
and just past shoulda length hair,

i cant do layers, for personal reasons, btu what can i do?? this is me…

on the rite:


on teh left left..

my hair is often dry and frizzy and bushy, and i cant straighten it because my hairs falling out, for some reason so its best not to, but what should i do????? haircuts!!!!! plz help me! what will make me most prettyy!
a short hair style?, anything plz help!!!!!!!!!! what woudl i suit!? and somethen easy to mamnage?

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7 Responses to what hairstyle!!! depsrate! photos!!!!?

  1. "But I'm ready to fly says:

    Just ask your hairdresser what is best.
    To help the frizziness condition EVERY day. Shampoo every other day.

    Also, ask your hairdresser if she could deepcondition your hair. If that’s not a possibility you can buy a hair mask from your local drug store.

    The links don’t work by the way.

  2. LALA says:

    the pictures dont open

  3. bhager13 says:

    The links don’t work.

  4. Val says:

    the links dont work)=

  5. HOTTIE_of_08! says:

    the links aint working

  6. I <3 animals says:

    i would help you but the picture doesn’t work

  7. [Pretty in Pink♥] says:

    Okay; first put up links that work then I will answer your question!

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