2 Responses to What hairstyle should i do for my head and body snapshots for modeling?

  1. Amber says:

    I model also and you should always send a picture of you with a pony tail, so they can see your face shape. Don’t look like your trying too hard, they’ll think your a natural. Wear very minimal makeup and smile,look inviting and a joy to work with. For body snapshots take one from the side with your hips straight and top turned towards the camera not your hips though. This makes you appear thinner in the middle, it’s also the starting position to runway modeling so you’ll look like you know about these things. Take pictures from many angles to show them your complete beauty. Good Luck with your modeling career I hope everything goes well. Let me know when you get an agent =)

  2. Savannah says:

    Curls they always look really good in pictures.

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