5 Responses to what hairstyle should i do for school photo's?

  1. renz t says:

    just comb your hair

  2. Elle says:

    Really go for the natural tidy look. Leave your hair down and out of you eyes. You sound very pretty and I am sure that will project itself onto your pics…. : )

  3. Elvira says:

    i’d say go for your natural look. use a blow dryer with the nozzle to dry your hair in sections and use a large, round, vented ceramic brush to make your hair look sleek and shiny.

  4. angels_angelsarehere says:

    Do ringlets all over

  5. Michaela. says:

    do something simple.
    maybe wear it down, with a cute clip at the side or something.
    im sure it will look great anyway! 🙂

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