What hairstyle should i get? (photos included)?

hey just wanting some hair styles 🙂 x.
your opinions are greatly oppreciated.




wondering how my hair would look short?… and my hair in naturly curleyy.xx

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9 Responses to What hairstyle should i get? (photos included)?

  1. smartarse aussie says:

    In pic 4 are you really sunburned, looks so red it hurts?
    Get a mullet. it would look good on you.

  2. i am the cookie sampler;♥ says:

    Straight hair, like completely straight, no curling at the tips with longish side bangs.

    Omg, yes I can imagine you perfect in that hairstyle 🙂


  3. BGFP44 B says:

    Straight hair with some layers would be pretty on you. 🙂

  4. kdy says:

    you look fine. i like your hair.

  5. Jon says:

    i think u should make your hair straight and i tink u will look cute with bangs. if not try making straight and dye it black… hahas… more ’emo ish’, cool man…

  6. Kitkat says:

    lots of layers side fringe, straight

  7. i_rock_24x7 says:

    heyy…i like ur hair…i guess u shud get ur hair layered n get a side fringe dun….n get ur hair dyed black or maybe dark brown….it wud luk awsum on u…:)

  8. answer man says:

    Here is an idea try going to a very short hair style or shaving it off completely and then donating to some cancer society

  9. Janine P says:

    straight hair and maybe a liitle side fringe??

    and i no that this isnt the question but i think you would look even better with abit make up on 🙂

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