What hairstyle should I use for my thick hair?

First, I’ll start by saying that I have thick hair. I blow dry it and use a straightening iron to reduce the thickness some. I have had the same hair style for years now. Normally I just get my hair cut up to my shoulders and get the sides cut into my face. I like the lenght where my hair lays on my shoulders. I talked to my hairstylist about getting layers, but she said that layers will only make my hair look buffy since it is so thick. However, I am really wanting something new to do with it. I saw a pic on one of my friends’ myspace page the other day of a friend of his and I loved the way the girls hair was cut. However, I don’t quiet know how to describe it to my stylist. Do any of you know what it is when the ends of your hair kinda turn out but not a complet flip outward. I am thinking that maybe you can actually get it cut to turn out some without having to do it with an iron everyday. This is kinda what I am talking about but not the exact style I want

Does anyone have any other pics that may be helpful or any advice.

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4 Responses to What hairstyle should I use for my thick hair?

  1. Kate says:

    Not only do I have thick hair.. but I Have curly hair.. VERY curly hair.. and it is very coarse. SOOOO, let me first tell you that I am speaking from experience 🙂 Second, the best thing to do is use product on your hair to help tame it down some. Blowdrying it makes it frizzier. Take time with your flat iron and that will flatten it out a lot. When it’s humid, use the product that is for humidity. It really does help! I buy Aussie because it’s cheap and does just as good as anything else — and I’ve tried it ALL!! Now, I actually keep my hair long, because the length helps pull down some of the curl and the thickness and has made a HUGE difference in it being puffy. I have quite a few layers that seemed to help a lot too.. helped a ton actually. If I were you and you don’t mind growing it out some, I would do that and keep layers in it. You can do SO MUCH with long, thick hair.. and it will hold any kind of style so much better than those fine-haired girls 🙂 🙂 Just kidding.. but I would grow it out and keep the layers comin!! Good luck.

  2. greengrass says:

    french braid

  3. LoveGirl says:

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  4. AnnaBanana[= says:

    well you dont have to explain it, just bring in a picture of the style you want . my hair stylist said it really helps.

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