5 Responses to What is a good wedding hairstyle for thick,long,straight hair?

  1. Seeya says:

    What I did when I got married, was braid them.

    When hair’s wet, I did 5-7 sections & curled the ends using plastic curlers & I went to bed.

    In the morning, take the braids out, and FINGER COMB. Then style your hair using hair accessories if you want to. I just styled my hair, the way I normally styled it. But it was full of waves!!!!

    Bonus for having very long hair. All brides should look dramatic with long hair when they get married. IMO

    OR, since hubby doesn’t want it curly . . .
    Invest on different sizes of butterfly clips. Add hairsticks made of wood. Add butterfly clip to support the hairstick, and try to hide it, in order for hairsticks to hold w/out headaches.
    Find a hairstyle you like, flip through magazines, TV ads, Awards shows on TV, or hair magazines, and try to experiment new ones everyday, you’ll have new styles people think you just stepped out of the beauty salon.

    Add a scarf for a dramatic look!

    I never do pony on my hair. It stresses and causes your hair to break.

    Once you’re very good at it, it could take 5 mins.

    If I can do it, so can you!

    I have bangs, too, you wouldn’t have to deal with them at all. Just cut them vertically, and feather trim them.

    You’ll have time before your wedding to start experimenting on new hairdos.

  2. Trent Reznor's future wife says:

    Congratulations! Put your hair in a bun and leave a little bit of hair sticking out with little diamonds in it. Classic and beautiful.

  3. connie.23 says:

    how about making it light waves kinda curled towards the bottom then putting it in a half up/half down with a pretty diamond or pearl depending pin to hold it in place. with like a tiara to hold the Vail 😀 i think that would look beautiful.

  4. nicenugal says:

    For the really nice looking, modern pretty styles that you see around now, the popular method is to wet set your hair using either velcro or the plastic type of rollers. You can also style your hair in different ways, plus its better for your hair and the curls hold better and last a long time. This yahoo groups has tons of pictures of the latest styles without the spam and links to go through. It takes some patience because there are so many pictures. It might be of help.


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