What is the best way to wear your hair to a wedding?

My hair is just past shoulder length, but the wedding isn’t til 7 more months, so my hair will be longer by then. I really have no idea how to do it, so maybe some pictures or a well explained few sentences of how to do my hair will help. Thanks =]

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  1. Melimel01 says:

    Well.. i think you should wear it the same way you always do.. but better.. for example if you have curly hair you can curl your hair so that the curls are bigger or smaller… If your hair is straight you can make it have waves… but i think half up half down and a bun is the best way

  2. Ericha G says:

    I just want to make on suggestion: Do NOTTTT pull it all back. People do that so much and don’t show their pretty hair!
    Maybe try a half up/half down do with some big flowy curls (when you hair is a bit longer in seven months!)

  3. L.B. says:

    It kind of depends on your dress. Some look best with the hair up, some look best with the hair down.

    Take a picture of you in your gown to your stylist and start talking/brainstorming with her. Invest in a couple of the brides magazines and look at the styles there too.

    Good luck – have a great wedding!

  4. snuggles says:

    Choose a style that will suit your face shape – round faces suit high "updo’s" and sleek long styles while long faces suit styles that have width and volume. heart and oval faces suit just about anything – lucky you!

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