What is the shape of my face? Also, what kind of hairstyle looks good on me?

Here are a couple photos of me,




Do you think this hairstyle would look good on me?
First you have to go to this website, https://www.supercuts.com/ then go to the link on the bottom that says "New Hotness: A Hair Gallery", it’s on the bottom then click the more button on the bottom right of the box and it’s the first picture, the guy with the fauxhawk. Do you think that this hairstyle will look good on me?
How about something like this hair,



Other hairstyle suggestions are appreciated.

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7 Responses to What is the shape of my face? Also, what kind of hairstyle looks good on me?

  1. Chic says:

    i LOVE the third one

    i think it would look great on you!

  2. Desrine B says:

    a spicky hair would do

  3. Britta Britta says:

    I like the options with the sammilby website best. It looks like you may have a round or square-shaped face.

  4. Silver.and.Cold says:

    I think that the sammilby links will look good on you

  5. xoanniexo says:

    you kinda have an oval shapes face and i love the hairstyles from the sammilby websites i love it, it might look good on you.

  6. cthor054 says:

    hahaha I thought you were a girl.
    hairstyles don’t matter on a guy. Your hair looks good in those pictures.
    if you want a "faux" hawk then go for it but its a little outdated. Just use some gel or something to mess it around and it’ll look good.
    I think your face is round? or oval.
    My best advice…get rid of the teen stash

  7. witdfk says:

    One that hides your face.

    Actually, I’m just kidding. you’re fine now.

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