5 Responses to what is this Haircut/Hairstyle called?

  1. (: says:

    fauxhawks i believe. if you are interested in asking your stylish to do this i recommend printing off the picture.

  2. iamtehuberness says:

    Fauxhawk? I think.

  3. Jenny W says:

    that would be a spiked Mohawk…i fauxhawk is only the top but a mohawk goes all the way around the head

  4. punkeymonkey124 says:

    yeah i’m pretty sure it’s a fauxhawk

  5. Shelby T says:

    i think its like a proper fauxhawk like most fauxhawks are just messy and on top of the head but a proper one goes down the neck and it neat…

    i’m pretty sure! ;DD

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