What kind of hairstyle or cut should I do? Clothing style ideas?

I am a mother of 2 and a stay at home mommy. I am in my 20’s, and wish to look nice, my hair is curly(medium) and is a dark lager or maple syrup color, it has never taken perms or dyes well and last time i tried getting it straightened it all fell out so… thanks for all your advice! Oh and I am 120 pds and 5’4” and have larger calves as I used to run all the time and they never went away. I just want my kids to not be embarassed by me when they are older and for my husband to want to buy me flowers every once in awhile, also I dont mind cutting my hair and could you provide links to photos showing what you mean?


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  1. gurlndixie says:

    You can get online and do a makeover. Try on different hairstyles and makeup too. Do a search for the free ones. Some of them are free but they only have a few hairstyles. Some have a lot of free hairstyles to try on using your own photo. When you pick the best one print it out and go to the hairstylist with it.
    If you don’t mind paying, makeoversolutions.com is really good, it is around $20.00.

  2. RayRay7 says:

    I would say a lighter brown color and layers. like this


    not as long though

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