What kind of hairstyle should long-faced people have?

I’ve got a long face, and I wanted a bob, but I’m afraid it’ll look bad on me, make my face look longer. I mean like this type of bob:
or maybe this one:

I’m kind of tired of my long hair; I mean, it’s all right, but I just want a change. Any suggestions? Also, I’ve got thick hair, so I’m afraid it’ll be too poofy.
Reading thatdinokidxx’s comment, I can see how those might not be so good…might these be better?



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3 Responses to What kind of hairstyle should long-faced people have?

  1. Miss Petunia says:

    It’s always fun to have a change in our lives. Hair changes can be a great lift to our attitude and how we feel about ourselves. Since you have a long face, you probably will look great with shorter hair. Long hair tends to make the face look even longer. A short bob like the one in the web site you listed will probably look great on you. What is important is that it be cut shorter than the length of your face with a slight curl as shown in the picture. This will give you the added width to your face that you need. The bangs, too, will give visual width that your face can use.

    This style should be perfect for your face shape and for your thick hair. What is important is that you get a good cut so that the hair will lay nicely as you desire. If your hair poofs, there are lots of hair products on the market to control that. And remember, if you are not totally satisfied – it’ll only last for a little while – hair grows. Check out: https://how-to-straighten-hair.weebly.com and https://how-to-curl-hair.weebly.com for some great hair care information. Good luck.

  2. MindFreakGurl11 says:

    the cutest bobs are thick….it blows better in the wind and it doesn’t get as messy. Also, long and narrow faced people look nice w/ bobs.

  3. thatdinokidxx says:

    I personally dont like those types of bob cuts.
    But anything short will look cute on you sence your face is long. Yea, make sure you get layers. And it will still look cute with thick hair, maybe you can thinn it out?

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