3 Responses to What kind of hairstyle would you recommend?

  1. Angel says:

    If you have (healthy) thick hair that is (straight or curly) and if you like length, then wear it at shoulder length. One length or in long layers would be very lovely.

    If you have (unhealthy) hair, by all means go for the shorter hairstyles at least until you get it back in healthier condition. Do this with weekly deep conditioning treatments and regular trims. You could use longer layers here too since they can sometimes hide a lot of unhealthy locks. Remember longer layers work best with thick hair, since the shorter layers will only add more volume and bulk to your style.


  2. Maya Papaya says:

    My hair is very thick, so I tend to straighten it…

  3. April R says:

    my hair is so thick and naturally curly so i either put a relaxer n it and straighten it. or just wash it and wear it naturally curly.

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