What kind of lolita hairstyle would look okay on me?

Well, I have short hair (I’ll link a picture) and all of the lolita hairstyles require much longer hair than I have. I am working on growing my hair out, but it’s nearly shoulder-length.

Opinions and advice?

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2 Responses to What kind of lolita hairstyle would look okay on me?

  1. Stefaniekelly InTheLabyrinth says:

    Your hair doesnt requir to be long just to have lolita style of hair though it does look alot better.
    personaly i think keeping your hair just straightend would look best
    even though your photo doesnt work for myself ( next time left click your photo and go to "view image") whatever the length is im sure you should want to aim on staying away from curls. since surls make your hair alot shorter.
    and depending on the style of lolita (if you dresss lolita) youre doing the styles for hair vary.
    most people just use headdresses and when you do that it keeps the eyes on your outfit more then your own self, which is usually wanted.
    A really popular style i see with lolita girls is straight hair with straight bangs or wavy bangs.

  2. nicenugal says:

    For the really awesome looking and pretty hairstyles that you see around now, use either plastic or Velcro rollers. Also, its better for your hair, the style lasts longer and you can style it in different ways. This yahoo group has more pictures of the latest hairstyles than any web site that I know of. It takes a little patience because there are so many pictures to view. It might be of help..


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