6 Responses to What short/medium celebrity hairstyle do you think is cutest?

  1. xmagicpixiedust says:

    kirsten dunst has a cute cut 🙂

  2. josh c says:

    jennifer anistons

  3. eehco says:

    Maybe something like your avatar? That’s super cute!

  4. ~*brown_eyed_girl*~ says:

    Reese Witherspoon in Just Like Heaven?

  5. pink_kitties_and_rhinoplasty says:

    If you do get bangs, have them very short, because these days many people, have long bangs and not only is it ugly but it’s becoming extremely unoriginal. Have it about jaw length, and never never never get an inverted mullet (longer on the top and shorter on the bottom) because that’s never cute. and in the process of your hair growing out (when you do want it to grow out) it looks terrible and it’s hard to style. Get a hair cut that is long enough for you to change your hair style without having to cut it again. Most people make this mistake when they get their hair cut, they cut it SO short to the point that they have to keep it in the same style until it grows out. And you don’t want to be a Plain Paula, or a Bland Bettie. You want to be able to change it up every once and a while

  6. Lyrical Princess says:

    Halle Berry’s hair styles be kicking ass

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