What should I be doing for my hair before my wedding…?

Hey! My wedding is in march! Anyways, What should I be doing before then to my hair so that when it comes time for me to get married my hair will look good. My hair is damaged though :/ Any tips/suggestions would be great! Thanks!

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  1. CorpCityGrl says:

    Go see your hair stylist who can help put you on a regime. Ordinarily, it would be a trim every 6 weeks or so and maybe a deep conditioning treatment about once a month if your hair is damaged. In the event you choose to color it, do so the latest 2 weeks before the wedding in order to give your hair time to develop that color and a cusion in the event it doesn’t come out the way you want it to.

  2. sarahe484 says:

    go see the hair stylist you are going to use now, and have him/her give you a treatment plan.

  3. prplfae says:

    Regular trims every six weeks, and deep conditioning once a week, or every other week depending on your hair. Don’t experiment with a new color or cut too close to the wedding.

  4. Libby says:

    I’d suggest talking to the stylist who will do your hair on the big day. She may have recommendations for treatments you could use to get your hair back in good shape by May.

    My tip… olive oil. Sounds weird, but it works. Dry hair just sucks it up!

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