6 Responses to What should I do with my hair for Prom?

  1. .Music. says:

    get it curled and tie it up in a bun

  2. Dark Sniper says:

    Do the Jennifer Anniston thing

  3. drama mama says:

    What ever you feel good (and pretty) in. You shuld make it mach with your dress though EX if u were a long dress wear your hair down more. Need more help check out his cite!
    hope this helps!

  4. shopper gurl says:

    i would have cork screw curls made into a messy bun 😉

  5. klarebear says:


    These sites are great for ideas and most are DIY. The prom editon of Seventeen has some great ideas.

    Proms of today, it is popular to go very glam,fresh,( no ODing on the hairspray). If you do somthing simple as using a curling iron,pinning back a few peices with some rhinestone clips that could be gorgeous for you.

    If your dress is simple, make your hair and make-up stand out. If your dress is the star, keep your hair and make-up to a minimum.

    Have fun at prom!!

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