What should I do with my hair for prom?

I am having trouble finding a hairstyle for prom. It is not hard to find pretty styles but I cant find any that I like and that is possible with my hair. I have extremely curly hair that does not always cooperate. It can be a difficult style because I can get it professionally done I just need suggestions! Help!!!

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  1. Music_Fanatic says:

    getting a classy beach wave is a good idea. or getting a formal curl look both of these are easy to look up. if i were going to prom i would get a formal but sexy look.. and both or them can do it for you!
    hope i helped! do mine please

  2. mdog says:

    im not going to my prom just the after parties…answer mine please.

  3. whatsherface55 says:

    blow dry it straight. it’ll be easier to work with. then maybe put a little wave back in it and put it up like this:


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