5 Responses to What to do to your hair for a wedding?

  1. sal_moe says:

    listen i think you should have it up or at least most of you hair up, it will make you look elegant since ur dress is strapless.

    if u dont want it all up i really like this one:

    this is an other one i really liked because it has such a simple and innosent look to it:

    as for this one its simple but flirty in a cute way:

    so depending on you hair and your style in general u can pick on of those.

    i really hope i helped you and i hope you have a great special day :):)

    p.s i hope those links to the pictures were useful

  2. MONIQUE N says:

    Depending on your haistyle, you can wear it up w/some hair down and curl them softly, make some come down in the front as well w/soft curls, make it look sensual but sweet…

  3. Tory says:

    Where it how you will feel comfortable and how you usually wear it. Just because this is such a big occasion, doesn’t mean you need to do something amazing and different. This is when you want to do something even more you, so you feel comfortable on your wedding day! It will feel like YOUR day when you have hair that represents you. So where it however you like it. If that’s up or down or either, just make sure you likr how it looks!

  4. .:hello:. says:

    since you have a strapless dress, it’s prbly best to leave some hair down. a half-and-half hair do always looks great for a wedding

  5. why_mecrycry says:

    Wear it however the dress makes u feel if u feel uptight wear an up do if you feel hoot wear it loose and wavy

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